USB Flash Drive Data Recovery

USB Flash Drive Data Recovery

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Amazing company, recovered all my data. Thank you.

Sean Humphrey January 24, 2018

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Thought all the photos from my iphone were gone but after having the phone for only a day, Payam had recovered all the data and sent my iphone back. Could not be happier

Audrey Dyer January 22, 2018

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I had 8 corrupted Vmdk files for our company Vmware server that crashed. Vmware tech support and another data recovery company could not help us. Payam data recovery extracted the contents of the files in 1 day using their urgent service. It was worth it – 200 staff are back to work now! Thank you

Larry Gray October 28, 2016

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I was devastated when my local computer shop told me they could not recover the contents of my USB. It had picked up a virus the one and only time I had used it while travelling overseas and I was told I had lost all of the precious holiday photos that were on there. A

Ash Sydney October 28, 2016

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Excellent and prompt service. Not only were they great with my data and recovered all of it – they have great customer service and were always friendly and knowledgeable. From the very beginning I felt like I was in the right hands, and that they were dealing with me in an honest and professional manner.

Xodotodo October 28, 2016

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I’m very happy with the data recovery work done. Overall, it was a great service provided and I will definitely recommend it to others.

ShaikhoonGhafoor October 27, 2016

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Payam helped me recover the data on my USB. Kevin at the Brisbane office was wonderful and patient person in explaining everything to me. I am very happy with the service.

Sara Casey October 28, 2016

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I was so glad my data was all good once I got it back from Payam, Thank you for retrieving my data!

Max Rarates October 28, 2016

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I am surprised to see how you recover the data and the good communication provided. Initially, I though the data would lost anyway. Keep up the good work guys.

Sarah Hidayati October 27, 2016

Has your USB flash drive stopped working, been bent or is broken? We can help!

First thing first. Stop using it, do not let anybody attempt to repair it as this may cause more damage. The less you try to plug it in or try to use it, the better the chances that your data can be successfully recovered in good condition.

Can you recover my data?

Yes, there is a very good chance. We work on faulty and damaged USB flash drives of all brands and types. We see broken USB flash drives that have a failed controller chip, bad memory chips, simple data corruption or virus damage, as well as USB flash drives that have a broken/snapped off USB port.

If you have deleted files or reformatted the USB flash drive, it’s critical to stop using it. Do not plug it in to any computer to avoid any new data being copied to it. Once deleted data is overwritten, it is usually not recoverable.

The good news is, most problems with USB flash drives can be fixed. Sometimes very quickly, some problems may take a lot longer but we don’t give up easily.

It is usually just a matter of our very highly-skilled data recovery engineers spending the time, effort and commitment to go through the steps needed in order to get your important files, photos, documents and other files back.  Even if the USB port/connector is broken, or part of the PCB is broken, we can fix it or remove the memory chip to recover the data.

It is not possible, however,  to recover data from some USB flash drives if the memory chip is cracked.

Payam Data Recovery has the best-equipped data recovery labs in the world for data recovery from USB flash drives. We use tools including Soft-Centre Flash Extractor (from Russia), Visual Nand Reconstructor by Rusolut (Poland) and Ace Labs PC-3000 Flash (Russia), as well as our own custom-made tools, made to order to help any customer that requires a custom designed and manufactured socket/adapter to be made. Our labs have the biggest collection of memory chip readers on the planet, as well as BGA rework/chip removal machines, soldering iron/heat gun and other PCB repair tools and chemicals to professionally repair damaged USB flash drives or remove the memory chips to perform a chip-off extraction. This includes monolith type flash drives and MicroSD cards that nobody else in the world can help with.

How much does it cost?

Our prices range from $250 up to $2500 for our Economy Service. Our Priority, and Emergency Service options are more expensive to get urgent service. The cost will depend on the type of problem you have, how quickly you need the data back.

We always offer a free assessment and quote in 1-2 business days on average or you can pay $150 for an urgent assessment and quote that takes about 1-2 hours on average. Only after we test it can we determine what the problem is for certain. Once we know, we will give you a written quote before we start work. We will try to offer you the cheapest solution to help get all of your files back in a safe, professional way with a good result.


Economy Service Price range

$250 to $400

  • Basic backup service
  • Corrupted Partition
  • Virus damage
  • Deleted Files
  • Formatted
  • Lost or missing files

Hardware Issues

Economy Service Price range

$300 to $650

  • Broken USB connector (repairable)
  • Bent USB connector
  • Damaged components on the PCB
  • Damaged crystal
  • Bad Sectors/Read Errors
  • Minor physical damage

Special Case Lab

Economy Service Price range

$800 to $2500

  • Chip-Off method required
  • Use of Soft-Centre Flash Extractor, PC-3000 Flash or Rusolut VNR software and chip readers.
  • Damaged Controller
  • Damaged memory chip(s)
  • Firmware problems
  • Monolithic type flash drives not being detected
  • Manufacturing of a custom-made socket/adapter required
  • Research projects of any kind

What is your success rate?

In around 98% of cases, we are able to recover all data from a faulty, damaged, corrupted or reformatted USB flash drives. Most problems can be fixed with time and effort. The only problems that we can’t fix (that we believe nobody else can either) are a cracked memory chip or overwritten data (e.g If you have a USB flash drive that had 1GB of documents that you reformatted it and filled it up again with 20GB of data, there is a good chance your old 1GB of data has been overwritten and may not be recoverable).

We are one of the only companies in the world that has all of the latest technology and equipment for USB flash drive data recovery. Most other data recovery companies outsource those jobs to companies like us or overseas. We do the work ourselves and everything will remain 100% private and confidential as we do the work within our own company.

Our Special case lab does the jobs that nobody else can do or is prepared to spend the time, patience and dedication and time to help you with a solution to help get your files back that we may not ever be able to use for any other client. These cases require a massive amount of time to find a way to recover your files for you.  This includes chip-off recoveries, pinout discovery,  or trying to recover data from a memory chip that works with a controller that we have no known layout or solution for. Some of these cases can take months of investigation as a one-off project that would normally be deemed not recoverable by other data recovery companies.

Why should I use Payam Data Recovery?

  • Your best chance of getting your data back is with us. We have the latest technology and most experienced team of data recovery engineers in Australian and New Zealand working together to get your files back.
  • We can recover data from the USB flash drives that nobody else can including monolithic type USB flash drives.
  • We will design and manufacture a custom socket/adapter to help recover your data if one does not exist in the world, we do this often for our clients.
  • We are always honest and tell you the facts.
  • We will always give you a realistic expectation and time estimate.
  • We don’t give up easily, we’ll try harder than anybody else.
  • The main reason we are in business is to help people. We recover data all day, every day for our customers. That’s all we do, nobody does it better and we would love to help you.

Ready to get started?

What are you waiting for? Submit a new job now and let’s get your files back!

Step 1: Complete this form then print the submit a job form you will be provided as a PDF file.
Step 2: We will test your device then give you a quote to seek your approval before starting work.
Step 3: Approve the quote then we will start our work. Or decline the quote and you may collect it from us. If you would like us to send it back to you, we charge $20 for the delivery back to you.
Step 4: If your data is recovered, we can copy the files to another device or provide you with a link to download the files if you prefer.

When posting your device to us, please pack in a cardboard box with at least 3-4 cm of bubble wrap on all sides to protect it from further damage.

If you would like to bring it to our office in person, you are welcome to visit us during our business hours of 9 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday. No appointment is needed.

Please call on 1300 444 800 (or +61 2 80766079 for overseas callers) if you have any other questions.