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A big thank you to Payam for recovering our two hard disk drives completely. We had a server running two mirrored SCSI hard disk drives. We thought we were protected, however both hard drives failed. We tried everything we could to recover the information but had no luck. Our last option was to get the

Daniel Kolic October 28, 2016

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The details for PAYAM were forwarded to me after my hard drive had crashed on my Sony Vaio workhorse. I took it to Craig at PAYAM and inside two weeks, they had found everything. It was super! It was appreciated and the money it cost, was worthwhile…..more than worthwhile. Thank you very, very much!!!

FMSGCA October 28, 2016

Free Disk Erasure & Recycling Service

We offer free disk erasing/wiping for your unwanted hard disk drives (HDD), solid state disks (SSD), or RAID arrays.  If you choose this service option, any faulty hard drive that cannot be erased due to read errors or hardware problems will be erased using a degausser at no additional cost. To ensure your privacy, all erasing and degaussing work is done within our own office locations, and will never be outsourced to other companies.

We only offer this service across disk based media (e.g. HDD, SSD & RAID/NAS systems). All other storage mediums, such as tape, flash or optical media, are not included in this service offering.

Why is this free?

Payam Data Recovery is always on the lookout for healthy, working disk components such as the internal read/write heads and printed circuit boards (PCBs) to aid in the recovery efforts of our data recovery clients. Think of this as the organ donation of data recovery. The condition of this service is that, after erasure, the usable components are kept with us securely on premise as donor parts, ready for future use.

Can I have my drive/s returned to me after the service?

If you would like your device/s returned to you, our data destruction services are available at $5 per disk for disk degaussing and $10 per disk for software erasing. All prices listed are inclusive of GST.

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