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Are you experiencing this?

  • Will not turn on / will not charge
  • Physical damage
  • Component level damage
  • Failed software update
  • Device issues requiring logic board
  • Logic board failure
  • Liquid damage
  • Corrupted macOS operating system
  • T2, M1, M2 and M3 series Macbook

What we cannot help you with

  • Erased/factory reset Macbook
  • Forgotten Filevault/login password
  • Deleted data or photos

We work hard trying to solve the most complex & complicated issues

We use a microscope, nano soldering iron, precision instruments & the world’s most exclusive (and expensive) tools.

Specialising in recovering data from physically damaged or faulty mac devices.

We are an official Apple approved data recovery company, recommended by Apple stores and IT professionals all around the world.

We do what others say is impossible…and we love it!

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Over 100,000 satisfied customers

Nicola Smith

5/5 Stars.

After putting the recovery of data (mostly photos) from my dead Mac off for way too long in the too hard basket, it was a relief and pleasant surprise at how easy and quickly it all happened once I went to Payam. Something I’d put off for 3 years was resolved within 2 weeks! They saved my data and were quick, professional and great at keeping me informed.

I only wish I’d gone to them earlier.

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Is data recovery guaranteed?

It is a reality of data recovery that we cannot guarantee that data can be recovered from every device. This is due to the large spectrum of device issues and issue complexity. When we provide you your obligation free quote, we will give you an idea of what your success chances are like based on past recoveries of the same type. As long as the issue with your Macbook is not related to the individual memory chips that store your data, success is extremely likely.

Will you fix my laptop too?

Our strategy when it comes to recovering Macbook devices is to temporarily repair the device so it can start up normally. We only need to get the device working for a couple of hours so we can make a backup of your data. In some cases the machine may be returned to you in a working state. It’s important to know that we do not know how long the machine will work for, and we always recommend continuing with any repair or servicing that was originally planned to ensure your Macbook will be reliable.

Do you recover everything from my Macbook? Or do you only target my critical files?

Our goal is always to recover as much data as possible from your Macbook. We do our best to recover the data in the original folder structure so that you can “restore” the recovered data to a functional Mac computer (similar to a Time Machine backup). If we only have a limited amount of time to access your data, we would aim for the critical files you specified when submitting your job with us.

How is the data returned to me?

With all recovery cases, we recover your data to a blank external hard drive either provided by you or purchased from us. We call this external hard drive the “destination drive”. You will be able to select your destination drive when approving the quote that we email to you.

Will Apple repair my laptop under warranty after recovery?

We have found that the majority of our customers with in-warranty Macbooks are able to return to Apple after recovery to have the machine repaired. It is very important that you visit the Apple Store before commencing data recovery so they can document that you are coming to us for data recovery. For more information, see

Will you require my login password?

For all Macbook recoveries we will require the login password/FileVault encryption password if we are to successfully recover your data. This is due to the FileVault encryption feature being turned on by default for Macbook devices during the initial setup. This password is kept securely within your job record and is securely removed from our system when we mark the case as complete.