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PAYAM has again recovered my files and work history within the time frame that i needed them back. I would recommend this service to anyone who thinks that their files are lost forever. Payam’s knowledge and professional service make a distressing occurrence a walk in the park. Cheers Payam.

Aaron Hare October 28, 2016

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Lost photos of a holiday broke my daughter’s heart. I formatted the picture card thinking the photos were on her computer. I was given Payam’s number and Kevin retrieved the photos. Kevin was so professional and caring. Thank you so much.

Caryn C. October 28, 2016

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The North Sydney branch retrieved some valuable data that was extremely important from a CF card. It was a hardware/circuit issue so I Got told 3 quotes and depending on the problem it would be anywhere between $220 – $700+ I was ready for worst case scenario and wouldn’t have know any better so they

Marlon Simmons October 28, 2016

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The service was excellent. The team at Payam Data Recovery was happy to work around my needs and requests to make it happen.

Lydia von Rönge October 27, 2016

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I was referred to PAYAM Data Recovery by my IT contact and I admit to being delighted with the service and the turnaround time that I experienced with PAYAM. We were quite frantic when we lost our data and our back-up. We have had this occur once before and with a less than satisfactory outcome

Sandy McManus October 28, 2016

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I couldn’t be happier with the service I got from Payam. I saw 4 different companies before them who told me they would not be able to retrieve my lost photos. I was very distraught as I had just been on my first overseas holiday. Payam were able to get every single photo back. I

Raven V. October 28, 2016

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We use Payam to recover data for our clients. They have never failed to deliver results.

Klaus H. October 28, 2016

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They did a great job recovering all my files. What a relief!! Very glad I found Payam. Happy Customer 🙂

Donna Bonnel October 28, 2016

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It took a little time, but every moment was worth it. They were very professional and kept me posted along the line as to what was happening. Recovered all my data, allowed me to pay over instalments. Took a bad situation I created and made it better. Highly recommend for data recovery, these guys know

Paul Julian October 28, 2016

Have a problem with your memory card? We can help!

What should I do first?

Stop trying to use it, do not take any new photos/videos or copy any new data to it. Do not try plug it into card readers or computers. The less you use it, the better the chances that your data can be successfully recovered in good condition.

Can you recover my data?

We can guarantee you that we are your best chance of getting your data back, nobody in Australia has more experience, expertise and the technology in-house to help you. You will be much more likely to get your files back from our team than anybody else you will find. In general, there is a very good chance that your files will be recoverable. We work every day on faulty and damaged memory, as well as cards that have been reformatted or had files deleted.

If you have deleted files or reformatted the memory card, it’s critical to stop using it. Remove it from your camera and make sure nobody writes any new data to it. Once data is overwritten, it is usually not recoverable.

With time, effort and commitment, most problems can be fixed. Our highly-skilled data recovery engineers go through the steps needed in order to get your important photos, videos and other files back. Sometimes very quickly, some problems may take a lot longer but we don’t give up easily.

It is not possible, however, to recover data from memory chips that are cracked (e.g. If MicroSD card is cracked in half).

Payam Data Recovery has the best-equipped data recovery labs in the world for memory card data recovery. We use tools, including Soft-Centre Flash Extractor (from Russia), Visual Nand Reconstructor by Rusolut (Poland) and Ace Labs PC-3000 Flash (Russia) as well as our own custom-made tools. Our labs have the biggest collection of memory chip readers on the planet, as well as BGA rework/chip removal machines, soldering iron/heat gun and other PCB repair tools and chemicals to professionally repair memory cards, or to remove the memory chips using our chip-off extraction method.

How much does it cost?

The cost for our memory card data recovery services ranges from $250 to $2500 depending on the type of problem it has. Some our services we charge based on a no-fix, no-fee basis and others we do charge an upfront initial attempt fee for our time and efforts to try to help you with a second fee upon completion.

We offer a free assessment and quote within 1-2 days on average or an urgent assessment and quote within 2-3 hours on average for $150. We will test your memory card then once we know we know how much time, effort and expertise are for us to help you then we will provide you the cheapest price we can to help you. You will be provided with an Economy (not urgent), Priority (urgent) and Emergency service (very urgent) option.

If you decline the quote, you may collect your memory card from us or we can return it to you for a $20 delivery fee.


Economy Service Price range

$250 to $400

  • Deleted files
  • Formatted card
  • Corrupted Partition
  • Formatted
  • Lost or missing files

Hardware Issues

Economy Service Price range

$300 to $650

  • Bad Sectors/Read Errors
  • Damaged pins/contacts
  • Repairable PCB damage
  • Slow reading sectors
  • Simple chip-off recovery cases

Special Case Lab

Economy Service Price range

$800 to $2500

  • Card not detected
  • Failed controller
  • Chip-Off Recovery method
  • Monolithic card recovery
  • Custom solution creation

The time required to recover data from a memory card can vary from 1 day up to many weeks for cases requiring a custom made solution. Once we test your memory card, we will let you know how much time it will take to recover your data and the cost to seek your approval before we start work.

All prices are in Australian dollars and are GST inclusive.

What is your success rate?

We can recover all data from a faulty, damaged, corrupted, or reformatted memory cards in about 98 % of cases we see. Most problems can be fixed, it simply takes a lot of time and effort. The only problems that we can’t fix (that we believe nobody else can either) are a cracked memory chip or overwritten data (e.g. If you have a memory card that had 1GB of photos that you reformatted it and filled it up again with 20GB of data, there is a good chance your old 1GB of data has been overwritten and may not be recoverable. In some rare cases, we can only recover part of your data, not all of it. But we will not know until we try, and we always try.

Certain types of memory chips and some types of memory cards may be much more difficult than others. This simply means that we need to more time, or in some cases, a partial recovery is only possible. We will always aim for a 100% perfect result if this is not possible we will show you the result to see if you feel it is useful to you.

We are one of the only companies in the world that have all the latest technology and equipment for memory card data recovery. Other data recovery companies cannot do the more difficult jobs, often outsource those jobs to companies like us or overseas. We do the work ourselves in our Australia and New Zealand labs. Everything will remain 100% private and confidential as we do the work within our own company.

If for any reason the data is not recoverable using standard methods, you may be offered our special lab services as an optional extra.  Special case lab projects may take a lot longer, and take an extreme amount of effort. This is usually due to an unknown layout or new technology that requires months of research as a one-off project. normally be deemed not recoverable by other data recovery companies.

Why should I use Payam Data Recovery?

  • Your best chance of getting your data back is with us. We have the latest technology and most experienced team of data recovery engineers in Australia and New Zealand working together to get your files back.
  • We don’t give up easily, we’ll try harder than anybody else you will find.
  • Payam Data Recovery has the best-equipped data recovery labs in the world for data recovery from memory cards.
  • We use tools including Soft-Centre Flash Extractor (from Russia), Visual NAND Reconstructor by Rusolut (Poland) and Ace Labs PC-3000 Flash (Russia) as well as our own custom-made tools. Our labs have the biggest collection of memory chip readers on the planet, as well as BGA rework/chip removal machines, soldering iron/heat gun and other PCB repair tools and chemicals to professionally repair damaged Memory cards or remove the memory chips to perform a chip-off extraction. This includes monolith-type memory cards.
  • Our team can diagnose the fault and repair broken or damaged memory cards using electronic repair tools. This includes removing the memory chips ( chip-off extraction). We have all the world’s latest tools that we combine to get the best possibly outcome instead of relying on only one software/hardware solution.
  • Many IT companies and other data recovery companies outsource the difficult memory card recovery tasks to us. We can fix the problems that others will say is impossible.
  • We are always honest and tell you the facts.
  • We will always give you a realistic expectation and time estimate.
  • The main reason we are in business is to help people. We recover data all day, every day, for our customers. That’s all we do, nobody does it better and we would love to help you!

Ready to get started?

What are you waiting for? Submit a new job now and let’s get your files back!

Step 1: Complete this form then print the submit a job form you will be provided as a PDF file.
Step 2: We will test your device then give you a quote to seek your approval before starting work.
Step 3: Approve the quote then we will start our work. Or decline the quote and you may collect it from us. If you would like us to send it back to you, we charge $20 for the delivery back to you.
Step 4: If your data is recovered, we can copy the files to another device or provide you with a link to download the files if you prefer.

When posting your device to us, please pack in a cardboard box with at least 3-4 cm of bubble wrap on all sides to protect it from further damage.

If you would like to bring it to our office in person, you are welcome to visit us during our business hours of 9 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday. No appointment is needed.

Please call on 1300 444 800 (or +61 2 80766079 for overseas callers) if you have any other questions.