Privacy Policy

Payam Data Recovery Australia Pty Ltd promises to keep your data secure, private, and confidential at all times. All of the data on your hard drive, RAID array, flash drive, memory card, mobile phone, tablet or any other device you may provide will remain completely private and confidential. Your data is for your eyes only. In some cases, we will need to test some of your data to check if individual files work. In the majority of situations, any backup copy of data we recover for you will be erased within 7 days.

We have formed trusted partnerships with banks, government departments, medical research organisations, universities, lawyers and many individuals who all share a central concern; they need to know that their data will remain private. We promise to do this for all jobs we do, for any customer. Many of our clients have music, movies, pornography, personal photos & videos, pictures of children and family, financial records, and research data that they do not want getting into somebody else’s hands. Our job is, simply, to recover your data and return it to you– that’s all.  We respect your privacy; it is our job to protect it.

By law, if any child pornography is found, this will need to be reported to the respective law enforcement agencies, as we are required to do comply with the law. Any other data you have on your hard drive is confidential. We do not disclose any other information to anybody unless it is requested under a court order or a similar request for law enforcement.

If you would like us to read and agree to terms of your confidential agreement or NDA (non-disclosure agreement), we are happy to do so. We often agree to confidentiality terms in our common partnerships with financial institutions, medical research firms, computer programmers, and celebrities.