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Note: If your iTunes backup file has a secure encryption password, if our standard method fails and requires dedicated cloud computing/super computer power to speed up password cracking, we will ask for your permission and the cost may be significantly higher. We will provide a quote before we proceed.


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Important: For all brands and sizes of hard drives we sell, There is no protection or warranty cover for data loss/data recovery costs. Always backup the data we provide you within 2 days of receiving it from us to avoid future data loss from any data storage device we provide. All prices advertised include GST.

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I understand this is not a forensic service and will not try to use it as such. Payam Data Recovery will not provide me with any report or statement will be provided regardless of the outcome. I agree not to request this. This is for private use only, not for legal actions. If you require the data to be used as evidence in court, please find a company specializing in computer/mobile phone forensics. We are a data recovery company, we do not wish to be involved in court cases/legal action of any kind.