Free Hard Drive Erasing

Free Hard Drive Erasing

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I had 8 corrupted Vmdk files for our company Vmware server that crashed. Vmware tech support and another data recovery company could not help us. Payam data recovery extracted the contents of the files in 1 day using their urgent service. It was worth it – 200 staff are back to work now! Thank you

Larry Gray October 28, 2016

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Best data recovery service ever!! Don’t risk it to others, they’re overpriced and sucks! I had a hard disk broken, dead by shock, and I took it to them. They gave me a quote in 24 hrs, and started the job. It was a very hard thing to recover, as it had severe damage. It

Ian Leung October 28, 2016

Free hard drive erasing & recycling service.

We offer free disk erasing/wiping for your unwanted hard disk drives (HDD), solid state disks (SSD), or RAID arrays.  If you choose this service option, any faulty hard drive that cannot be erased due to read errors or hardware problems will be erased using a degausser at no additional cost. To ensure your privacy, all erasing and degaussing work is done within our own office locations, and will never be outsourced to other companies.

We only offer this service for hard disk drives and SSDs. We do not offer this service for backup tapes or any other storage devices.

Why is this free?

Our company always needs more good, working heads and PCBs from hard disk drives to help repair the devices of our data recovery clients. We will keep the hard drives and SSDs after the data is erased.

We call these donor drives. The head or PCB may be used to temporarily repair another failed hard drive. The disk platters, motor, or data is not needed. Most of the time, it is only the heads we want.

We have a collection of thousands of spare parts, but we can always use more. The only condition for this free service is that after the data is erased, we keep the device to use the hardware for spare parts (e.g the PCB or the heads). Once all data has been erased, the parts are used as ‘donor drives’ for our data recovery purposes. The other parts will be disposed of or recycled (e.g the metal melted down and recycled).

Everything will be done in an environmentally conscious way. All erasing and degaussing work is done our office locations, and your privacy and security will not be compromised– this job is never outsourced to other companies.

What if I need the drives returned to me?

Our standard data destruction services cost $5 per hard drive or SSD for shredding or erasing using a degausser. We can erase hard drives and SSDs in a secure way and return them to you at a cost of $10 each.

Important: This service is only available for hard disk drives and SSDs.

Ready to get started?

Please deliver your hard drives to any of our data recovery lab locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide or Auckland (New Zealand). International customers are welcome!

The preferred address to deliver your unwanted hard drives and SSDs to is our head office:

Payam Data Recovery
Shop 3, Top Level,
48 Majors Bay Road,
Concord, NSW, 2137

If you would like to provide any specific instructions, please include a note or letter in the box when you deliver it to us. For example, include a note that says: “Please erase all of these hard drives and keep the parts.” Or, if you would like us to provide you with a certificate of destruction, let us know what details you need to be documented. We will contact you once the data has been erased and provide you with the certificate of destruction free of charge.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 1300 444 800.