Our Emergency Data Recovery service is for the most urgent and important data loss situations. If your data is valuable and getting it back fast is important – this is the quickest way to get your data back!

  • We charge $500 inc GST up front to examine your hard disk or other storage media immediately. We can do this during business hours or outside of our usual business hours. This examination is performed in our office. This fee is for our time to give your disk our immediate attention. This fee is not refundable and must be paid to us before we begin work for you.
  • This $500 Fee gives you a evaluation, quote and the 1st hour of our time as an Emergency Status Customer. We will give you an idea of the problem and how quickly the data can be recovered usually within 1 hour in most cases.
  • If you approve the quote, we will give you a time estimate and our Emergency Hourly Rate is $250/Per hour inc GST or we may cap this at a fixed price to limit the cost for you in most cases. We charge this regardless of the result, you are paying a fixed fee per hour for our engineer time to solely work on solving your data loss problem as quickly as humanly possible. We only charge you for the actual time we spend working on your job. We are always honest and professional in the way we provide our data recovery service.

If you are prepared to pay the above fees and charges and need your data back immediately,
Call us now on 04048-PAYAM. (i.e 04048-72926)

If you do not wish to pay these fees and charges, please contact us only during standard business hours for a Free Evaluation and Quote and a fixed price, no fix-no fee based recovery which is much more economical.

  • Shut Down your hard disk drive(s), leave the power off. The sooner you do this, the better the chance your data can be recovered quickly and at less cost to you.
  • Contact us - we will try to give you an idea of the time needed and cost involved with getting your data back.
  • If you choose to bring your disks to our office to help you – put each disk into an anti-static bag and wrap in bubble wrap to ensure the best protection during transport. 
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