Computer Forensics 

Payam Forensic Data Recovery is a division of Payam Data Recovery Pty Ltd.

If you require a computer forensic examination to performed on any computer hard disk drive, computer system or external data storage device, we can help you.

This type of service is normally required if you require computer data files to be presented in court as evidence. On average, a computer forensic examintion may take 2-4 weeks and costs between $5000 to $10,000 per hard disk depending on the number of hours involved, travel costs and court appearance fees as an expert witness.

We do not recommend a computer forensic exmination be performed unless you require the findings to be presented in a court case and you feel that the cost is worthwhile for you. We can travel anyware in Australia to perform a forensic image (copy) of a computer hard drive or other media then take the data back to our forensic lab in NSW for processing, data recovery and searching.

The advantage we have over other computer forensic examiners in Australia is that we are also Australia's  #1 Data Recovery company! We can recover data from a faulty or damaged hard disk where other forensic experts normally send the disk to a lab like ours to fix the disk 1st then examine the data on it later. We can even remove passwords from files and hard disk ata lock passwords using specialised hardware to repair hard disk firmware and remove HDD passwords, this is a popular service other forensic experts come to us for. We do everything here, in-house, under the 1 roof. You will often find the results will be provided to you faster and cheaper than most computer forensic examiners who may need to outsource data recovery services when required.

If you need your data recovered but it will not be used in a court case, our standard data recovery services are much more affordable with our services ranging in price from $250 to $2400 for a single hard disk drive depending on the problem.

Common examples of where a computer forensic examination may be helpful:

  • An employee is fired from a company and has deleted all data from the work computer. We can look to recover all possible deleted data and emails. You may find this useful in finding out what the employee was up to in the period before the employment was terminated.
  • A person suspects their partners is having an affair or doing something dishonest using your computer. This is common during a divorse or child custody case.
  • You suspect somebody has hacked into your computer or put a virus on your computer.

If you would like to contact us regarding our computer forensic service, please call 02 9957 2288 and ask to speak with our computer forensics team.

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