In July 2006, PAYAM Data Recovery Pty Ltd expanded it’s lab by relocating it’s NSW office to a new office space in North Sydney, NSW. This new office space was over 5 times larger than the old location and allowed us to build a class-100 clean room that visitors can see.

This done due to popular demand by many of our customers who wanted to see how data recovery was performed. Our Clean room was purpose built a professional clean room manufacturer in Australia. This cost nearly $100,000 and requires regular maintenance. All equipment, materials and equipment were transported from Melbourne to Sydney by Truck and staff from Arden traveled to assemble the clean room. The task took 7 days and 6 nights to complete. Upon completion our clean room was independently certified as exceeding class-100 standards.

Our Clean Room is regularly sanitised by BACS Cleaning contractors, specialists in cleaning clean rooms for IT and Medical use. They visit our clean room regularly and clean the walls, floor, lights, filters and all surfaces thoroughly with the use of special cleaning agents and equipment designed for sanitising.

We have the only class-100 clean room in Australia for data recovery that you can see. The reason why other data recovery companies do not show you they have a clean room is that many of them lie about their facilities. Due to the cost, many data recovery companies do not actually have or use a clean room. Some data recovery companies ship their hard drives to larger data recovery companies like us or outsource the work. Before you choose a data recovery company ask to see their clean room! If they say ‘it’s private’ or ‘its not open to the public’ chances are – they don’t have a clean room. Even the largest data recovery companies in the world with branches in Australia only use a laminar flow cabinet and do not have a proper clean room. That is why we can recover data in more cases than any other data recovery firm in Australia. We may not be the cheapest, but we guarantee you – We are Australia’s best!

Features of our class-100 clean room:

  •  Large HEPA Filter to provide pure air into the room.
  • Special Anti-Static Vinyl Floor with Copper laid under the floor, grounded to earth.
  • Visitor Viewing Windows allowing our visitors to see our clean room and examine it.
  • Anti-Static Floor Treatment to reduce any possible static build up in the floor.
  • All of the walls are made of a specially designed clear anti-static vinyl. Simply touching the wall will discharge any static charges from a human being. These walls were designed to be clear so our visitors can see inside.
  • The room is pressurised and cool and clean air blows in through the HEPA Filter and out of the room under the strip curtains and through strategically placed air vent grills.
  • We are using a Class-10 Laminar Flow Cabinet which provides an ultra-clean work environment where hard disks are actually opened and internal repair work is done. This was custom built for us and made to our measurements by Nu-Air, a French company that makes only the best laminar flow cabinets in the world. These are also used in the medical and semi-conductor industries. This cost us over $10,000 and it is used inside our class-100 clean room to provide the ultimate environment for safe data recovery work. Most data recovery companies use a laminar flow cabinet in a normal office environment or in a room with a normal air conditioner.
  •  A locked door inside our clean room to prevent any unwanted disturbances while a hard drive is being worked on.
  • A fire Sensor as required by law.
  • CCTV Security Cameras record all work done in our Class-100 Clean room 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
  • Supply drawers containing anti-static gloves, anti-static lint free clean room jumpsuits, face masks, eye goggles, lint-free anti-static wipes and cleaning agents. These garments are all shipped from the USA and designed especially for our use with hard drives.
  • Tacky Matt’s – This is a set of sticky matts on the floor which our engineers step on several times to remove any dirt or dust from their feet in their clean room suit prior to entering our clean area. These are numbered and each time it is used the strip is peeled away revealing a fresh strip for next time. This prevents any new dust being brought into our clean room by our staff after they change into their clean room suit.
  • Clean room furniture – all the furniture used in our clean room has been designed and sold for the purpose of being used in a clean room. They are all heavy duty furniture designed not to gather dust or create static.
  • The laminar flow cabinet bench was specifically measured and fitted for the stand.
  • ESD Safe Chair – The chair used by our data recovery engineers is designed to remove any static electricity. Once an engineer sits on this chair if there is any static charge on the person it is removed instantly by this chair. It is designed for a ESD safe clean room. The same type of chair used in factories for Intel and AMD in CPU Manufacturing. This chair may look simple but cost over $900! But at least it’s comfortable.